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About Jeri Jirsa

I’m Jeri Jirsa. I’m 5’3″ and used to weigh almost 200 lbs. I now weigh 125 and am stronger, healthier and more fit than ever! I did it — I can help you, too!

I grew up riding horses and engaging in activities such as hiking and mountain biking. I didn’t participate in traditional exercise programs, finding that I didn’t enjoy the sports experience. After graduating from college, getting married and taking a desk job, I went from my teenage weight of 135 up to 198 pounds. Knowing there is a family history of diabetes and stress-related heart problems, I knew I couldn’t continue that way.

My husband and I joined a gym, signing up for the personal training that was offered. We found that the experience wasn’t enjoyable, as we came from our desk jobs sitting at work to sitting at machines. To put it simply, we were bored. Unsurprisingly, we dropped out of our training programs, and spent the next few years trying to find ways to exercise at home and on our own.

I began taking martial arts in 2003, and found that slowly I was beginning to get healthy and fit. I was starting to feel in shape. As I progressed through the belts and became more fit, I started working with beginning martial arts students. Between 2003-2007, I lost 50 pounds. Then life changed again, and I could no longer continue my training.

The resulting transition found my weight rising back up. I realized I needed to not just make a temporary change, but make fitness a permanent part of my lifestyle. I began pole fitness training July of 2009, and found the exercise that I truly enjoyed, as well as being highly physically demanding. By October of 2010, I was down to 128 pounds, in the best shape of my life, and helping instruct pole students.

I took my new-found fitness passion and left the office world. I became a full-time personal trainer in March, 2011. Everchange Fitness began in February, 2012 as the realisation of a dream to help people appreciate what they can accomplish, and to take control of their own health.

Everchange Fitness - A New, Vibrant me

The Transformation - Then


Me in 2002 – 198 lbs

Everchange Fitness - Jeri before

Me in 2009 – 180 lbs

The Transformation - Now

Everchange Fitness - Jeri after

Radical Transformation!

Everchange Fitness - Jeri after

I feel and look GREAT!

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