The more we try to stay still, the more everything changes.

How do you treat yourself when things go out of your control?

You can choose to let it derail your whole day.

Sometimes whatever it is has to take over your schedule.

You can also choose to let it derail your mood.

You’re in control of your mood!

If the bus drives past you or another car cuts you off, do you let it ruin your whole day? Do you get yourself a treat sometime during the day to cheer yourself up? Or do you work out the stress in some sort of physical exercise?

How does that interruption from your ideal throw you off, or not?

Do you feel yourself constantly struggling with one spot, over and over?

Why is it so important that you want it to look a particular way?

What’s stopping you?

How can you change with what’s going on?

You can choose to let life run away with you, or you can allow for some internal shifts.

You have the ability to decide and take action.


To your well-being

Coach Jeri