Getting Started

Your first appointments

Thank you for training with Everchange Fitness! It’s always exciting for me to get clients started on their new fitness paths. Here’s what to expect during our initial time together.

Please complete the Client Intake form and bring it in for your first appointment.

When we meet, we’ll spend a few minutes discussing your history, goals, and getting to know each other a little. From there we will go through a quick body composition assessment. We’ll follow this by a light workout designed to let me see how you move to best design your programming. The first sessions will be spent developing a basic familiarity with the movements you’ll be doing, as well as learning how these benefit you.

I recommend that you bring your own water bottle for convenience. If you would like to use the shower, please bring your own towel and toiletries. There is 1-2 hour street parking in the vicinity. There is convenient public transit access to the studio from Civic Center.

fitnessgear_300wHopefully, you had a great time at your session! You might find yourself a little sore, so please download this instructional Fitness Foam Rolling PDF. It’ll be very helpful in helping you find spots to work out when you roll at home. The more you can keep it up, the more it will also help decrease soreness afterwards and muscle recovery.

Products I recommend on

Whether you train online or want to make the best of your homework, a small amount of gear for home will keep you progressing.

All-Purpose items

  • Yoga Mat
  • Water bottle

Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) and Stretching Aids

  • Foam Roller: I recommend the high density or super high-density firmness of rollers, unless your body needs to be eased into foam rolling.
  • Pinkie Ball
  • Golf ball
  • Yoga strap: 8-10″

Exercise tools

  • Mini band: Begin with both the light (green) and medium (blue) bands. Get the heavy (black) if you feel quite strong!
  • Contact me about which levels of XerTubes are correct for you.
  • San Francisco Bicycle Coalition: Everchange Fitness supports and is a discount partner of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. Visit their site on how to become a member to support safer commuting for all in San Francisco. Members receive 10% off all personal training and small group packages.
  • MyFitnessPal: A fantastic, all-purpose fitness app.
  • Strava: An app for runners and cyclists.
  • RunDouble’s C25K: A highly recommended running training program.
  • Insight Timer: A meditation app that allows you to track your meditation sessions. Can be upgraded for $2.99 to receive guided meditations.
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