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Hero’s Club

Unlock Your Superpower with the Hero’s Club

You’ve been training for a while. It’s fun and you definitely feel better. And you want something more. Have you ever wished that you had more noticeable accomplishments on the way to your long-term goals?

You deserve to see how well you’re progressing without having to rely on the scale every time. That’s why I started the Hero’s Club: a members-only activity-based challenge, where the main person you’re “competing” with is yourself.

Heroes don’t sit back reliant on their innate abilities while they wait for the final boss battle. Life is too busy happening! They continually grow and refine their skills. They inspire themselves and others by taking action.

The Hero’s Club lets you see how badass you really are. We will have long and short-term activity challenges. From the six-month Pull-up Challenge to a one-month jump rope challenge, the Hero’s Club will help you stay MOTIVATED with new fitness goals.

It’s time to see for yourself. What’s your Fitness Superpower?

Pull Up Challenge

May – October 2018

  • KS
  • KH
  • RP
  • GB
  • CG
  • CS
  • JJ

fitnessgear_300wThe first week of the month will be open testing for all current and new studio members.

Here are some tips to make sure you feel like each month’s test is your best.

  1. Train hard in the gym.
  2. Watch your food, hydration, caffeine and alcohol levels. I’m not going to tell you to quit drinking coffee or booze. I’m not going to tell you to quit smoking. (Your lungs are already probably telling you that!) I’m going to tell you: If you want the most out of this program, you’re going to have to clean up your act.
  3. STRETCH AND FOAM ROLL AT HOME. Your body needs that flexibility for good posture and ease of movement.

Products I recommend on Amazon.com

  • Foam Roller: I recommend the high density or super high density styles, unless your body needs to be eased into foam rolling.
  • Mini band: Begin with both the light (green) and medium (blue) bands. Get the heavy (black) if you feel quite strong!
  • Yoga Mat
  • Water bottle
  • Contact me about which levels of XerTubes are correct for you.
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