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Everchange Fitness offers by-appointment private and semi-private training, as well as live online workouts. If you’d like to request a midday time not listed, please contact Jeri privately.


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Private Training

When we meet, we’ll spend a few minutes discussing your history, goals, and learn how we will work together. From there we will go through a quick body composition assessment. We’ll follow this by a light 30-minute workout designed to show me how you move. The first sessions will be spent developing a basic familiarity with the movements you’ll be doing.

Following sessions will include foam rolling instruction, workout fundamentals and exercises particular to your needs.

One-on-One private fitness training may include free weights, TRX, Pilates, or other functional movement. Work with exercises designed to improve balance and coordination, prevent injury, and build stamina. Laughter and fun are highly encouraged!


Semi-Private Workouts

See a class below not currently on the schedule? Contact Jeri about how to begin a group!

Booty By Jeri
This intermediate-advanced resistance workout and Pilates fusion class is designed to help you make the best of your time! Receive a full-body workout to get your body going, then transition into Pilates to challenge your core, stretch your muscles, and enhance control. Use TRX, resistance bands, Kettlebells, free weights and your own body to be ready to tackle the activities you love to do. Get your own Booty by Jeri- you’ll love the way you look and feel!

From Zero to Hero
Are you unfamiliar with working out, or haven’t had a regular exercise routine in… well, FAR too long? Come in and have fun with an experienced and understanding trainer who helps you learn what is best for you! Begin with movement fundamentals and progress at your own pace. This class focuses on weight loss, strength building, toning, nutrition, and camaraderie. Use free weights, TRX, mini-bands, medicine balls and Pilates exercises. Become familiar with a variety of movements and exercises in a supportive and encouraging environment. This class is appropriate for beginning to intermediate exercisers.

Fit to Ride
Whether training for an event or keeping in shape during the off-season, it’s important to keep your muscles balanced.

In Fit to Ride, you will:
* Perform exercises that will help take the load off your knees, and address many common ankle/knee/hip concerns that cyclists face.
* Train your core stability and torso rotation to handle the demands of the bike, keeping that lower back pain away.
* Strengthen your arms and shoulders in a way that will allow you to experience less residual post-ride stress.
* Learn exercise modifications that will make the workout as challenging or accessible as your body needs.
* Develop active flexibility to keep your body ready to react when the road throws surprises your way.

This class is appropriate for exercisers of all fitness levels.

Restorative Fitness
What is Restorative Fitness? It’s a whole new way to think about your body’s mobility! This 60 minute session begins with an active warmup, then transitions into bodyweight, TRX, and Pilates mat exercises. Gently wake up and stretch those tight, stiff, cranky bodies so that you feel refreshed and energized.

This class is suitable for beginning clients, clients with special physical needs, and athletes who want to focus on improving range of motion on their recovery days.

Online Training

Work out with Jeri anywhere in the world! Set an appointment via Skype, Google Hangout, or Face Time. In this 30-minute session you’ll: check in regarding your previous week’s homework, go through a quick, full-body workout designed for you to do multiple times in the week, and learn stretches key for getting the most of your workout.

To be eligible for this training, you must have clearance from Jeri. This can be obtained via an online or in-person training introductory session.

Be Prepared

If you would like to use the shower, please bring your own towel and toiletries. There is 1-2 hour street parking in the vicinity. There is also convenient public transit access to the studio from Civic Center.

You might initially experience soreness, so please download this instructional Fitness Foam Rolling PDF. It’ll be very helpful in helping you find trigger points to release at home. The more you keep it up, the more it will also help decrease post-workout soreness and improve muscle recovery.

Home Equipment

Products I recommend on Amazon.com

Whether you train online or want to make the best of your homework, a small amount of gear for home will keep you progressing.

All-Purpose items
Yoga Mat
Water bottle

Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) and Stretching Aids
Foam Roller: I recommend the 36″ high density or super high-density firmness of rollers, unless your body needs to be eased into foam rolling.
Pinkie Ball
Golf ball
Yoga strap: 8-10″

Exercise tools
Mini band: Begin with both the light (green) and medium (blue) bands. Get the heavy (black) if you feel quite strong!
Contact me about which levels of XerTubes are correct for you.

Discount Partners and Resources

  • San Francisco Bicycle Coalition: Everchange Fitness supports and is a discount partner of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. Visit their site on how to become a member to support safer commuting for all in San Francisco. Members receive 10% off all personal training and small group packages.
  • AIDS/LifeCycle: Are you an AIDS/LifeCycle trainee? Contact Jeri with your rider # to receive 10% off all personal training and small group packages, OR, choose to have 10% of the package price donated to your rider fund.

There’s a huge variety of tracking apps out there, especially ones for running. Check out this review on the Best Running Apps in 2017.

  • MyFitnessPal: A fantastic, all-purpose fitness app.
  • Strava: An app for runners and cyclists.
  • RunDouble’s C25K: A highly recommended running training program.
  • Insight Timer: A meditation app that allows you to track your meditation sessions. Can be upgraded for a small fee to receive guided meditations.

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