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You’ve been training for a while. While it’s fun and you definitely feel better, you want something… more. Have you ever wished that you had more short-term goals a long the way to your long-term goals?

Maybe you want to be able to see how well you’re progressing without having to rely on the dreaded scale every time.

Well there’s this great new fitness ranking system called FitRanX and it is going to help you stay MOTIVATED with new fitness goals.

Sometimes we really need an extra push to keep us from stagnating. That’s where FitRanX comes in. It’s a proven system that let’s you see where you are. With up to 8 ranks to achieve, you can take yourself from beginner to boss and SEE your results (I’ve looked at the test, and let me say: Level 8 is full on beast mode.) With FitRanX, the only person you compete with is YOU.

This program isn’t for everyone. That’s okay. Our training together may incorporate some of these elements, but you won’t be pressured to take the test. You MAY, however, be called on to help with testing days. Your peers are going to need the support and encouragement!


It’s time to see for yourself:

WhatsYourRank_01 copy

FitRanX Rank Chart.


Level 1

  • Testing happening soon!


Level 1

  • Testing happening soon!

fitnessgear_300wYou’ve been training hard and you’re ready to sport your new level band. You’re wondering- when’s Jeri going to tap me for taking the next test?

When your form is ready. When your strength and conditioning will allow you to easily pass the test. I don’t want to fail you. You don’t want to fail. How do you make sure that doesn’t happen?

  1. Train hard in the gym.
  2. Watch your food, hydration, caffeine and alcohol levels. I’m not going to tell you to quit drinking coffee or booze. I’m not going to tell you to quit smoking. (Your lungs are already probably telling you that!) I’m going to tell you: If you want the most out of this program, you’re going to have to clean up your act.
  3. STRETCH AND FOAM ROLL AT HOME. Your body needs that flexibility for good posture and ease of movement.

Products I recommend on Amazon.com

  • Foam Roller: I recommend the high density or super high density styles, unless your body needs to be eased into foam rolling.
  • Mini band: Begin with both the light (green) and medium (blue) bands. Get the heavy (black) if you feel quite strong!
  • Yoga Mat
  • Water bottle
  • Contact me about which levels of XerTubes are correct for you.
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