It’s All About the Shoes

I live in Oakland and usually take the bus across to San Francisco to train. That means my in city commuting options are usually limited to public transportation, taxis, or walking. I walk a LOT. I kill my daily shoes (running shoes, because they fit and support my feet the best) within three months. Shoes, […]

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In the Shadow of Back Pain

This isn’t what I was intending on putting up. (Getting into Good Routines is partially written and apparently will go up next week.) Instead, let me tell you a story. In 1984, a very little girl didn’t understand that something very big, very scary had just happened. Her family was in a car accident, where […]

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It seems that my life is developing to the point where I’m only capable of updating once a month. I’ll try to tell myself that at least there’s some sort of regularity. When we last left off, it was on the verge of doing something monumental in my life in its current state. I left […]

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There and back again

How time flies when you’re having questionable fun. I started the month of February frantically preparing to go on the trip to Costa Rica and perform in the showcase for the Tuesday pole class. I found a fantastic shade to start dying my hair. I discovered that I’m hovering within ten (yes, 10) pounds of […]

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Thoughts on food

Dear Food, It’s safe to say that I adore you. I know you feel the same way about me. Sometimes, I’m afraid our relationship is a little unhealthy. Can we work on things? You’re an important part of my life, so it would be fantastic if we could reach an understanding, All my love,Jeri —– […]

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