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Engage in What You Love

Good morning! I wanted to start today off by making sure everyone knows: Y’all are invited! The Everchange Family will be hosting a Friends and Family Hike in Golden Gate Park this Sunday at 10am. We will meet at the Conservatory of Flowers. (Look for Jeri wearing her purple leggings.) We’ll even be joined by at least…
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My Challenge To Find Satisfaction In Movement

I hit the point where it was easier to motivate my clients than myself. I was aimless, looking for something to latch onto. While I still looked lean, the muscle tone I love seeing on myself was no longer there. Cycling, an activity I adore, became a chore thanks to some of my volunteer work.…
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Adding Strength To The Summer Body

Everywhere I go I’m bombarded by the concept of “The Summer Body” as defined through marketing. Ask the average person what a “summer body” means to them and they begin to parrot what areas of their bodies will be exposed by shorts and swimsuits. Instead of a summer body being defined by an ego-busting media campaign,…
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Everchange Fitness Is Open For Business

It’s an active practice to keep my perfectionist brain calmed at the moment. There’s always something that needs to be done. On the other hand… I LOVE OUR NEW STUDIO. Yesterday’s 11 am Restorative Fitness workout was the first class open to the public at Everchange Fitness. Truth be told, it was a magical moment. My…
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Finding Support In Stressful Times: Allowing Opportunities to Enter

For the first time since September, my blog is up a day late. Sometimes life happens all at once. Rather than letting myself become swept under, I’ve worked hard to keep my head high. The Struggle Something I’ve been working through since the winter is need to find housing. In November, I was given notice…
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Habit calendar.

Stopping The Excuse Habit: A Successful Transformation

Creating Your Better Body as a lifestyle program gave me the kick in the pants I needed to step up my self care. After I fell off the training wagon from ALC, I let myself go in a number of ways. The clothing sizes didn’t really change. What did was my overall health. My adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia,…
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Meditation cushion

Life After Retreat: Rediscovering My Sanity

There’s usually an expectation that we’ve had some sort of epiphany after attending a meditation retreat. Truth be told, the main epiphany we’re usually likely to get is, “Yup. Still neurotic.” For a second time, I just wrapped up a week-long meditation retreat led a senior teacher from the Shambhala Buddhist lineage. This year provoked…
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Performing the windmill warm up exercise- a new video clip.

Stop Beating Yourself Up For Not Being Absolutely “Perfect”

How often have you stopped a project midway because you weren’t doing it perfectly? Because you didn’t feel like you’d get it “exactly” right, it would just never get done? There’s also the opposite example. You spend ALL your time trying to perfect one item, and you run out of time to do the rest…
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What Happened When I Chose Bravery Over Comfort

I don’t have washboard abs or a perfectly taught physique. I’m far from perfect, as I often find myself struggling to appreciate. I myself fall into the dreaded trap of having my OWN image of what a trainer should look like, and it can be a huge struggle to accept that it’s okay I’m not…
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The Other Side of the Ride

The training has changed me mentally and physically in ways I never dreamed possible. My physical health and conditioning are greatly improved. I feel more confident, happier. My clients are revealing more and more of their aspirations for themselves TO themselves, and I applaud their bravery.Training for riding in June’s AIDS Life/Cycle has been an…
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