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‘Tis the Season For Illness Prevention

I received my flu shot last week, which provoked the annual conversation of, “Should I or shouldn’t I?” There are all sorts of opinions and mandates about getting flu shots and other vaccines. Some companies require their employees to get them, even going so far as to provide them on-site. Other people maintain that they’ve…
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Growing Pains and Recovery

It happens like clockwork: After months of diligent training, suddenly our bodies start hurting again after we’re done with the workout. Hadn’t we already moved past that after we got into our good habits? Did we manage to hurt ourselves? The reality is that our bodies are constantly changing, whether we want them to or…
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Treat Yourself As Someone You LIKE

It’s been pretty busy at the studio, and it’s as if I’ve been trying to compress everything I didn’t accomplish in the past few weeks… All into this single week. I’ve needed to be careful to mix in self-care (in the form of talking walks and meditating) with nutritious food and social time to prevent…
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Three Conscious Breaths

With all the rushing happening around us, it’s easy to become unexpectedly carried away by the hubbub. One of my favorite techniques to bring myself “back” is a very simple exercise. In fact, I invite you to try it after you read the exercise! Stop right where you are. Don’t worry about finding a special…
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What’s Behind That Sore Neck or Shoulder?

How’s your week been? I’m currently in Louisville, KY, halfway through a workshop for fitness business owners. Despite the temperature being a brisk 22 degrees as I write and only accomplishing about 4000 steps yesterday, I feel great. I’ve worked out for the morning (more than just a warmup) and am ready for a full…
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My Transformation Took Me From Devastated To Determined

My business coach reminded me of something the other day. This story is a big part of why I’m now a trainer. When I was 22, my (ex) husband and I bought a brand-new house. We were pretty proud of what we’d managed to accomplish together! Our kitchen was one of my favorite parts. It…
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