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Activity Outdoors: When Practical Exercise Counts!

I admire people who can wake up before sunrise every weekend while the weather is great to go running, yoga, bike, or whatever… and do so regularly. I’m rather fond of lying in bed on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I mean, I’d LOVE to get myself out of bed when my body wakes me up…
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Is the Air Quality Poor? Workout Indoors!

My brain’s been sluggish and my energy equally dull, even with abundant water, caffeine, and good food. I’ve been sleeping pretty well. What gives? That’s when life takes a moment to remind me that San Francisco seems to be surrounded by fires. There are active fires up and down the state, adding to the challenges…
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The Electric Experience: E-bike Commuting

Following last month’s theft of my beloved bikes, I needed to get a replacement quickly. I knew that by the end of summer I’d be moving from San Francisco to Mill Valley, and taking the bus every day is not beneficial to my mental or physical health. (Thanks in part to our recent engagement, my moving…
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Exercise for Physical, Mental and Social Health

This week’s theme has been more about the mental side of getting physical than wearing oneself down to exhaustion. It seems like life is providing more than enough of that right now! There are a multitude of reasons people exercise, and breaking a sweat doesn’t always top the list. Some people want to change or maintain…
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The Preciousness of Life During Every Day Commuting

People regularly ask me if biking in the city is scary. “Yes,” I tell them. “Then again, so is driving, being a pedestrian, and you haven’t experienced city living until you’ve witnessed two women passing by your seat while in a full-blow, hair-pulling level of brawl on the bus.” Every day, I witness countless cyclist…
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Make the Best of Your Lunch Break

You’ve worked hard all morning: putting out fires, somehow staying awake through meetings (and rewarding yourself with one of the pastries they baited you with) and maintaining composure even in the most frustrating situations with the most exasperating people. You feel guilty for eating the pastry. When it’s finally time for lunch you plan to make up…
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