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5 Ways to Reduce the Impact of Aging

From diets to exercise programs, more people spend energy addressing their physical health than mental. It’s much more visibly obvious, after all! As we grow older and become caregivers for our parents, we worry about their bodies breaking down and keeping them out of pain, if they’re eating well… or even at all. All manners of…
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Mind Over Matter: Are You Supported Mentally?

Who do you know that isn’t impacted by stress right now? The reality is that we are faced with a tremendous amount of political and societal uncertainty. Even if you don’t personally identify as being stressed, most people around you are! I watched Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s documentary, “One Nation Under Stress” to find out life expectancy in the…
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You’re Perfect Exactly Where You Are

The energy has been thriving at the studio with the 7am classes filling up. We have everywhere from the recently joined to years-long veterans of the studio and program. The backgrounds and experiences are vast: novice exercisers, performers, current and former athletes, people who last exercised back when school still required it. The diversity is…
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How Limb Length Impacts Your Lifts

If you’ve ever struggled with a movement that looks easy for one person but doesn’t just seem to click for you, it may be a matter of extremity length instead of you being weak or inflexible. I’d never really thought about having long arms as a kid. I kind of noticed that when I did…
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Five Ways to Improve How You Feel… RIGHT NOW

Most people are thrilled that Fridays signal the end of the work week. I presently find myself even more overwhelmed by the demands of my weekend! Caregiving for the in-laws isn’t a restful way to spend my non-training days, so I’d rather seize the pleasant moments when I can create them. Right now, I’m working…
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Seven Essential Terms for Core Movement

Today’s a quick video to help you understand what I consider seven essential terms relating to core movement. Bracing Drawing in Flex/Round Extend/Arch Rotation Lateral bend Lateral shift To your health, Jeri

Three Conscious Breaths

With all the rushing happening around us, it’s easy to become unexpectedly carried away by the hubbub. One of my favorite techniques to bring myself “back” is a very simple exercise. In fact, I invite you to try it after you read the exercise! Stop right where you are. Don’t worry about finding a special…
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The Power Of Community Or, Let’s Have Tea.

I had tea with an acquaintance from my meditation center last week. It feels odd to call him that. “Acquaintance” feels like a coldly formal term. This man was one of my “key volunteers” during much of the time I served as the Volunteer Coordinator. He was amazing. Always willing to jump in and help…
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How To Get Everything Right When Exercising

“There is just so much to think of, I can’t keep it all straight!” Knowing I’m demanding when it comes to form, my clients lament how challenging it is to remember to get everything “right” while we work together. I reassure them that they aren’t doing anything wrong. We are working with their body’s way…
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Meditation cushion

Life After Retreat: Rediscovering My Sanity

There’s usually an expectation that we’ve had some sort of epiphany after attending a meditation retreat. Truth be told, the main epiphany we’re usually likely to get is, “Yup. Still neurotic.” For a second time, I just wrapped up a week-long meditation retreat led a senior teacher from the Shambhala Buddhist lineage. This year provoked…
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