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The BEST Diet

With so many diets out there, how do you know what’s going to be the best one to follow? The Keto diet is basically the Atkins diet, which my dad started after his diabetes diagnosis in the late 90’s. There’s Paleo, intermittent fasting, carnivore, vegan, flexitarian, raw foods, you name it and someone will be proclaiming it the…
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10 Habits of Healthy Eating

As we fully enter the holiday season, it’s easy to find ourselves derailed by inconsistent schedules. Below are 10 habits of healthy eating to help you through. My advice is to pick up to three to work with for now. Trying to incorporate them all at once can be overwhelming even in the best of…
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A Quick Primer on The Sunshine Supplement

We all like to think our bodies are fine until something goes really wrong. Lately, my energy has been unreliable, I’ve been experiencing depression even though life is going well, and things just weren’t right with my body. I visited my doctor, who next sent me off for blood work. We’re still waiting for full-on allergy…
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Food Matters

This week has been non-stop work (and activity) after my return from Louisville! After my workshop ended Friday, I took myself for a sunset walk. There’s this gorgeous walking bridge called the Big Four Bridge which spans the Ohio River from Louisville into Jacksonville, Indiana. At only 2 miles roundtrip for the bridge portion, it was well worth braving…
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Try Something New With Seasonal Spring Produce

Spending the last month preparing to move has left me decidedly underwhelmed with the idea of grocery shopping and cooking. It’s just hard to cook somewhere that isn’t home, and who wants to haul groceries between old and new residences anyhow? Happily, I’ll be in my new place by the end of the week. That means…
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Whole sugar pie pumpkins

Sure Fire Ways to Fall in Love with Pumpkin: Day 1

If you give me a choice between sweet potato and pumpkin, I’ll choose sweet potatoes any day. They’re easy to prepare and every bit as versatile as a pumpkin. Pumpkins, on the other hand, take sharp knives, leverage, and application of the muscle you’ve been building in the gym. Nutritionally speaking, they’re loaded with beta-carotene,…
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“A dietitian? But you’re so tiny!”

I’ve strived to be open about the work I’m doing to continue improving my health and performance. Seeing a dietitian was a huge decision! I’ve heard many questions about why I would do it, as well as concern from friends who feared I was seeking to become even thinner. Here’s the thing: Dietitians and nutritionists…
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Cycling for a Cause

In a huge step, October found me volunteering to ride the 2015 AIDS/LifeCycle, a bike ride that will span 545 miles from San Francisco to LA over 7 days with thousands of other people. See my first post related to this for more information about my decision. Now I’m not only biking for my own health, but…
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Food Friend or Foe: De-Mystifying Carbs

(My sincerest apologies for the hiatus, caused by life situations beyond my control. Please look forward blog installments now posted on Fridays!) Carbohydrates have become the point of quite a bit of dietary confusion in recent years. From all-carb diets to no-carb diets, all claim to be the next big breakthrough in achieving the body…
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So Many Diets: How Do I Choose?

You’ve made the wonderful decision to work out, take better care of your body, and get into healthier shape. You exercise, properly warm up and cool down, and hopefully are more attentive to what you’re now putting in your body. But do you actually know what type of diet and nutrition is best for you? For some body…
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