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The Sugar Cycle of Guilt

You’ve probably heard your coworkers and social media talking about their diets. The current trend? Sugar and carbs are bad. Let me know if this sounds familiar. Everywhere you turn around, your peers are cutting out carbs and getting tons of health benefits. Keto, paleo, whole foods. Surely, you should also cut out all the carbs and…
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Baked Pineapple and Sweet Potato

Satisfyingly Sweet Side: Baked Pineapple and Sweet Potato

The news is getting out about the studio and I find myself even busier than anticipated! This is great, except it means that I have less time to grocery shop and prepare food. I have my ideal schedule set… Life frequently has its own opinion of my schedules. My Sunbasket delivery come on Tuesdays, farmer’s market…
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Food Friend or Foe: De-Mystifying Carbs

(My sincerest apologies for the hiatus, caused by life situations beyond my control. Please look forward blog installments now posted on Fridays!) Carbohydrates have become the point of quite a bit of dietary confusion in recent years. From all-carb diets to no-carb diets, all claim to be the next big breakthrough in achieving the body…
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