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The real reason your back hurts!

Happy Friday! Rather than making you read today, I wanted to share this video with my friend Gary L. Johnson, an SF-based massage therapist who owns Intuitive Touch Massage. While we’re focusing our attention on the core, it’s important to think about relieving tight muscles so that the overly-stretched muscles can have a chance to…
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Growing Pains and Recovery

It happens like clockwork: After months of diligent training, suddenly our bodies start hurting again after we’re done with the workout. Hadn’t we already moved past that after we got into our good habits? Did we manage to hurt ourselves? The reality is that our bodies are constantly changing, whether we want them to or…
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Take a Stretch Break

With everything that builds up on those lists of “to-do’s” there are always more than a few things that wind up slipping through the cracks. Stretching regretfully tends to be at the top of our list! While blocking off time for flexibility work is great, getting in something is better than nothing! Here are a handful…
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Hinge stretch.

Six Remarkably Simple Stretches You Should Try Right Now

After the work I spent in the kitchen and at my computer last week, my body needed some TLC! I’d been keeping active, remembering to warm up in the mornings, but I wasn’t getting in time for myself to stretch. This week is about re-introducing some self-care. I’d like to share with you all some…
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The Post-Workout Cool-Down: Take it Personally

Maybe you’ve searched online or been told the importance of cooling down after a workout. There’s a wealth of information on the subject anywhere you look, but recent developments (Science!) have changed a few things that we all thought we knew. Your cool down routine is flexible, and while it should never be skipped, it’s…
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Getting the Most Out of Your Workout: the Warm-Up

Believe me, you aren’t alone. It happens to the best of us. A meeting goes a bit too long, those jerks in front of you don’t know how to drive, maybe you had to repair a flat tire on your bike. Anything can happen, but dammit, you’re going to make it to your workout session, because there you…
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