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All chapters must end

When I started Everchange Fitness, my mission was to create a safe haven, a place where people could learn to feel comfortable in their own bodies. I wanted it to be a place where people could learn to live without everyday pain. A lifestyle, not just a workout program. We only get one body for…
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#SwapForSuccess: Reflecting On Our 2nd Annual Benefit

A hearty group of swappers braved the rain and unpleasant commute conditions to join us for a successful fundraiser. It may be safe to say we all walked out with our wardrobes much roomier even though everyone scored some great finds! On behalf of Everchange Fitness, we truly appreciate the cash and clothing donations that…
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A Season To Celebrate and Reflect

We’re in the home stretch to the end of the year! Tuesday is the last day Everchange Fitness will be open for 2018, with sessions resuming at 7am on Wednesday, January 2. The regular Wednesday posts will continue, while the Friday blog will be taking a hiatus until the new year. (Keep an eye out…
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Client Spotlight: Rebecca Pan

Running a business is no joke, especially when you have a family that has frequent demands on your time. This Spotlight focuses on Rebecca Pan, who recently hit her one year anniversary of training at Everchange Fitness. In the past year, she’s made tremendous amounts of progress in developing awareness of her posture and form,…
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When You Just Need a Great Workout

It’s time to make my signature workouts more accessible and eliminate the confusion. That’s why when you next check out the Everchange Fitness class schedule, you’ll only see two offerings. Our bodies are confusing enough. (Annoyingly, our instruction manuals didn’t come pre-installed.) You don’t have to worry about being a specific level in order to…
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Client Spotlight: Kea Scullion

It’s important that we acknowledge the hard work and hurdles we overcome to take care of our physical and mental well-being. Making time to go the gym is a huge investment, which is why I’d like to spotlight a newer member of Everchange Fitness. Like many of us, Kea has an extremely demanding schedule. Placing…
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4 Foundations of Fitness

Health is constantly on my mind, but it can be an astonishingly vague concept. Today I’m going to share a bit about what I look for when in my own habits, as well as my clients. With my weight and health struggles, I’ve spent plenty of time trying to define what I find most valuable when…
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A Year In Review

I look back at what has happened with Everchange Fitness. 2017 has brought some phenomenal changes, and I’d like to thank all of you for sharing this journey with me!   Here are some of this year’s highlights: *First… You all rock! One client released (and kept off) over 25lbs through the course of the…
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Planning For Success

Just like that, we find ourselves in November. Here’s some of what’s currently in progress. ~I’ve been doing a lot of planning for 2018. Challenges and activities at the studio, a bit of travel both for work and pleasure. This week brought home that we still have the better part of two months left to…
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Is The Air Safe For Exercise?

It’s been a challenging week for most of us here in the Bay Area. The fires in Napa and Sonoma began late Sunday night, with the wind keeping the situation almost unmanageable. Yesterday USA Today reported, “The air quality index for San Francisco, Silicon Valley and the area around the fires was predicted to hit…
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