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Clean & Lean Recipes

Really, the whole point of this post is to share with you a bunch of recipes, but I first wanted to share with you a bit about how eating whole foods helped change my life. When my ex-husband and I were overweight and struggling to lose the pounds pasta and inactivity had brought on, there was…
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Pear-Date Chutney: sweet and spicy goodness.

Farmer’s Market Finds: Pear-Date Chutney Recipe

Yesterday afternoon, I took a trip to the Civic Center Farmer’s Market in San Francisco, eager to snap up some of the last minute finds before the vendors finished packing up and going home. True, if you get there within the last hour, the selection is much more limited. The upside? They frequently don’t want to…
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“A dietitian? But you’re so tiny!”

I’ve strived to be open about the work I’m doing to continue improving my health and performance. Seeing a dietitian was a huge decision! I’ve heard many questions about why I would do it, as well as concern from friends who feared I was seeking to become even thinner. Here’s the thing: Dietitians and nutritionists…
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So Many Diets: How Do I Choose?

You’ve made the wonderful decision to work out, take better care of your body, and get into healthier shape. You exercise, properly warm up and cool down, and hopefully are more attentive to what you’re now putting in your body. But do you actually know what type of diet and nutrition is best for you? For some body…
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