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The Preciousness of Life During Every Day Commuting

People regularly ask me if biking in the city is scary. “Yes,” I tell them. “Then again, so is driving, being a pedestrian, and you haven’t experienced city living until you’ve witnessed two women passing by your seat while in a full-blow, hair-pulling level of brawl on the bus.” Every day, I witness countless cyclist…
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ALC Diaries 2015: Day 1

Click to view my Strava route for today: San Francisco to Santa Cruz. Today is the day! Oh gods, 3:30 alaready? Thankfully I had frozen (gluten-free) waffles ready. Scrambled eggs didn’t take long to prepare to round it out. At the same time, the hour before we called our Uber passed far too quickly! My partner…
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ALC Diaries 2015 Day 0: Orientation Day

After eight months of training, the ride is finally here. I sit writing this after a day that came surprisingly too soon. I spent the last week in self care: an acupuncture session on Tuesday, a massage from the Body Mechanix sports massage therapist Rachel Gronningsater on Wednesday, and a chiropractic session from Dr. Yasaman Seirafi…
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The Other Side of the Ride

The training has changed me mentally and physically in ways I never dreamed possible. My physical health and conditioning are greatly improved. I feel more confident, happier. My clients are revealing more and more of their aspirations for themselves TO themselves, and I applaud their bravery.Training for riding in June’s AIDS Life/Cycle has been an…
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Celebrate with me March 25th!

I’m throwing a fundraising party, and everyone is invited. The fantastic staff at Mad Dog in the Fog will be hosting a great evening for my cause March 25th, from 5-9 pm. Enjoy drinks, cupcakes by See ‘Chelle’s Cakes, and music from a sampling of some truly excellent DJs. Go to http://www.facebook.com/events/777484945670940/ for more details. Bring your…
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Bike riding- level up!

As of writing, I now sit at $730 dollars to my fundraising goal. 12% there, with just over three months left!In my growth, I’ve gone from a hybrid bike to a touring bike, and my newest upgrade is clipless pedals!Clipping in is something that seems to universally intimidate most new riders, and the constant warnings…
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February Update: Training and Donation Progress

Thank you to the friend who kicked off February’s donations with $150 to my ALC cause! You are a beautiful inspiration, and your generosity deeply appreciated.Before getting the totals for my Fit to Ride class in February, I’m currently sitting at 11% of my total goal of $6000. You all are -amazing-. Fundraising is always…
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Cycling for a Cause

In a huge step, October found me volunteering to ride the 2015 AIDS/LifeCycle, a bike ride that will span 545 miles from San Francisco to LA over 7 days with thousands of other people. See my first post related to this for more information about my decision. Now I’m not only biking for my own health, but…
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Getting started on all fronts

I’m stoked that my first friends have stepped up and donated to this event. Seriously, I know the greatest people! Tremendous thanks to you both for kicking off this fundraising effort.This week found me determining what gear I’ll need, both for training and for the ride itself. I’m glad that the guys over at Marin…
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What did I get myself into?

This is me, Jeri Jirsa, representing Everchange Fitness. I’m the crazy one who just signed up to ride the Lifecycle event for 2015. Oh wait, I mean AWESOME one who just signed up! I get those confused sometimes.It’s October 7, and I have just under eight months to prepare for an endurance event beyond the…
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