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ALC Diaries 2015: Day 1

Click to view my Strava route for today: San Francisco to Santa Cruz. Today is the day! Oh gods, 3:30 alaready? Thankfully I had frozen (gluten-free) waffles ready. Scrambled eggs didn’t take long to prepare to round it out. At the same time, the hour before we called our Uber passed far too quickly! My partner…
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ALC Diaries 2015 Day 0: Orientation Day

After eight months of training, the ride is finally here. I sit writing this after a day that came surprisingly too soon. I spent the last week in self care: an acupuncture session on Tuesday, a massage from the Body Mechanix sports massage therapist Rachel Gronningsater on Wednesday, and a chiropractic session from Dr. Yasaman Seirafi…
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