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Keep Moving Forward

This has been one heck of a week for people at the studio. We just wrapped up the third week of the Little Black Dress Challenge, and life is doing its best to get in the way of everyone! Work and an overabundance of responsibilities keep people from following their meal food plans and workout…
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Goal Setting: Complicated Or Satisfying?

Monday is the first day of the 28 Day Little Black Dress Challenge and I’ve been contemplating my own personal goals. While the process of setting detailed and thought-out goals seems complicated, the end result is truly satisfying. First, I had to decide what I wanted to do with myself, aside from, “preventing regular winter…
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Wedding Body Fears? Train For Health, Not Physique

I’ve spent the better part of the past 21 years learning how to be “healthier.” My adrenal glands were tortured not just through emotional strain. They were hit hard by taking over-the-counter supplements and drinking canned “diet” shakes as a teen and young woman. I was desperate to get my metabolism going enough to support…
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Friday Fit Notes: The Best Time to Workout

I can wake up at 5 in the morning and be disturbingly perky giving my clients a great training session. Ask me to be in the gym at 7 am to workout, and I’m a sniveling brat. “I don’t WANNA workout! I’m TIRED! BLEH!” My body hurts, I’m not there mentally or physically. There are…
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My Schedule Definitely Doesn’t Look Like Yours

Have you ever felt like “prescribed” fitness plans are designed to help you fail? While you can logically appreciate what they’re teaching, it doesn’t quite work with your own schedule. In my case, meal prepping is my MAJOR oddball! You see, many nutrition plans espouse the benefits of going shopping for groceries on Saturday or Sunday, then spending hours…
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Are You Proactive or Reactive?

Let’s talk the difference between proactive and reactive. The proactive exerciser tends to have their workout bag packed early, ready to grab before they head out the door. The reactive exerciser knows that exercise and stretching are important, but despite waking up that morning with plans to exercise or stretch that night, bedtime rolls around…
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Food Matters

This week has been non-stop work (and activity) after my return from Louisville! After my workshop ended Friday, I took myself for a sunset walk. There’s this gorgeous walking bridge called the Big Four Bridge which spans the Ohio River from Louisville into Jacksonville, Indiana. At only 2 miles roundtrip for the bridge portion, it was well worth braving…
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Unplug and Have a Conversation

Have you recovered from Thanksgiving? ? Ours was naturally filled with delicious food but was also eye-opening! Egan (my partner) and I spent the morning cooking before feasting with his family. Everyone was on great behavior (including that one family member) and better yet… nobody was on their cell phones! We looked each other in the eye…
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Habits, Priorities, And Keeping Flexible

Happy Friday! Before we get started, check out these awesome photos from last Sunday, when the ladies of the 28 Day Little Black Dress Challenge met up for a hike. Nothing like stairs first thing! We began at Land’s End and made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge- a trip that spanned five miles in…
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Planning For Success

Just like that, we find ourselves in November. Here’s some of what’s currently in progress. ~I’ve been doing a lot of planning for 2018. Challenges and activities at the studio, a bit of travel both for work and pleasure. This week brought home that we still have the better part of two months left to…
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