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Looking inside, moving further

Life is pretty funny sometimes. Funny in the “life just kicked me in the stomach, then laughed,” sort of way. The last week threw curve balls my way. Speedbumps, as an ex used to say. From the buying of bootie shorts to revelations of people (past and present) in my life, from complete chaos at…
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Thoughts on food

Dear Food, It’s safe to say that I adore you. I know you feel the same way about me. Sometimes, I’m afraid our relationship is a little unhealthy. Can we work on things? You’re an important part of my life, so it would be fantastic if we could reach an understanding, All my love,Jeri —–…
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Stuck in my head: inspiration and breaking through labels

My mind has been racing with the formulations of a post since 6 am, when my dear roomie’s moving around woke me up. I can’t begin to describe what a monumental weekend this was. A couple of forays into the dating realm (one more enjoyable than the other, though my dating failures deserve a post…
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Nobody warned me.

I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. I grew up to the taunts of my peers about being fat. I’m not alone. A lot of us have. My weight has yo-yoed. I weighed probably 120 and wore a size 10 when I got out of the military in 1998. By early 2002, I went…
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