When I started Everchange Fitness, my mission was to create a safe haven, a place where people could learn to feel comfortable in their own bodies. I wanted it to be a place where people could learn to live without everyday pain. A lifestyle, not just a workout program. We only get one body for life, after all!

Everchange 1.0 started March 2012 out of Body Mechanix on Brannan St, moving later that summer to the Folsom St location. In April 2016, we were able to open up our own standalone studio (2.0) in the Mid-Market neighborhood, just a few blocks down the street from our Body Mechanix roots.

It will be with incredible sadness that I close the doors to the studio for the final time on October 31. While I resisted the need to change following my personal move to the North Bay, it finally has become unsustainable in a struggling neighborhood.

Our final day of classes will be on October 30th.

I’ll be spending more time providing support at home to my in-laws, while getting to know and begin creating a fitness community in Marin.

I want to thank all of you for being there during this journey- whether as readers or as clients, guest participants or committed program members. I had no idea that this journey could impact hundreds of people in the Bay Area alone. It’s an honor to have helped so many develop a different perspective or understanding about their bodies and well-being.

I’m not sure what Everchange 3.0 will look like quite yet. My tentative goal is to open something in January of 2021. That’s why I’ll be creating and working on developing fitness content for you plus my future readers more in the new year.

Committed to your health and wellness,
Coach Jeri Hirvela
Everchange Fitness