The most common question a fitness professional is asked is, “What’s the best way for me to lose weight?” Based on your circumstances, that answer may vary! (Sorry, y’all…)

The first key is to give yourself patience. The weight did NOT show up overnight and will take time to come off. How much time depends on how well you can address all the factors that caused it to go on!

The second key is to pick one or two items to focus on, then add more of the pieces one you’ve created solid habits you can sustain.

Here are a few tips based off the Four Foundations of Fitness:


Many of the people I talk to are tech professionals and Lyft drivers, which means they spend all day sitting. My answer to them is to start by adding in 15-30 minutes solid of walking every day. If they aren’t moving, their bodies aren’t working. No amount of dieting or supplements will be able to counteract the effects of a sedentary life.


If you’re at a desk all day, some of your muscles will be shortened, others will be overly-lengthened. A regular active flexibility program will help address these imbalances. It also gives the bonus of improving blood flow and promoting a healthy lymphatic system… which helps regulate your hormones.


There is NO “one size fits all” diet. Sorry! Start by cutting out all the added sugars in sauces and beverages. Get your sugars from fruit and fresh vegetables instead. They have the added bonus of giving you dietary fiber, which helps you feel full sooner AND longer. If you decide to splurge on pasta, skip the breadsticks. (Heck, skip the bread basket at dinner altogether.) Make small changes you’d be willing to live with… because you want to create sustainable habits.


Sleep and stress management both fall under this category. Even if you don’t feel emotionally stressed, your body is stressed every day! Healthy sleep hits the reset button to give your body a fresh chance every day. If your mind is churning before bed or when you wake up in the middle of the night, try a written brain-dump before you go to bed. Getting them down on paper will (eventually) reduce the mental stress so your mind can relax enough for restorative sleep. If your mind is constantly churning, you’re filled with endorphins and cortisol that keep your body in a state of “fight or flight.”

If it was easy, we’d all be our ideally fit selves! Instead, we’re given one body that changes whether we want it to our not. 😞 Learning to work with our bodies will give us a healthier, more satisfying relationship with ourselves for life.