Happy Friday!

Rather than making you read today, I wanted to share this video with my friend Gary L. Johnson, an SF-based massage therapist who owns Intuitive Touch Massage. While we’re focusing our attention on the core, it’s important to think about relieving tight muscles so that the overly-stretched muscles can have a chance to kick in and become stronger.

We spend a lot of time thinking about the “glamour” or surface muscles, but especially when it comes to the core, there are deep muscles that can help or hinder our posture and movements. Depending on how we sleep, sit and stand, this deep core muscle can be responsible for a host of imbalances.


Many of us experience lower back pain, sometimes even having troubles bending or twisting. Learn more about a frequent culprit, the Quadratus Lumborum,(QL for short) and find out how to work with this tricky muscle!

(I’d love to share that Gary has an EXCELLENT intuition when it comes to finding those trigger points that are bothering you, and really knows how to get into those tricky areas you can’t access with self-relief techniques. 😉)

If you’d like to see how Gary can help you find relief, his private practice called Intuitive Touch Massage and he’s ALSO the massage therapist for Covo’s happy hour on Fridays. 🤩 He will get you on the road to feeling better!

Keep your eye out for future collaborations… we’re looking at talking about “Text Neck Syndrome” next!

Have an amazing weekend!

Coach Jeri