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Activity Outdoors: When Practical Exercise Counts!

Activity Outdoors: When Practical Exercise Counts!

I admire people who can wake up before sunrise every weekend while the weather is great to go running, yoga, bike, or whatever… and do so regularly. I’m rather fond of lying in bed on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I mean, I’d LOVE to get myself out of bed when my body wakes me up tomorrow at 7am and go on a bike ride! What will most likely happen is that I’ll choose to stick with the warm comfort of cat snuggles while reading, and will miss the optimal allergen to ride conditions. 🐱 📖 The great news is that a lack of “regular” exercise won’t mean I’ll be inactive.
An active weekend usually has me running my tail off with practical exercise- a plentitude of household chores, both indoor and out. No matter the time of year, weekends are when I blast through everything at home. Now that spring is here, yard work gets added to the list. I’ve never lived anywhere with a lot of trees, and before I can even think about putting in a garden (next year) we have a ton of cleanup and catching up in store.
Gardening and yard work are essentially the perfect examples of “practical exercise.” You have to squat, hinge, push, pull, and twist your way through all your tasks. They make the work spent in the gym and working on my cardio worthwhile, because I can get everything done without fear of overworking or that I’ll injure myself. Plus, there’s nothing like looking back at your work at the end of the day and seeing the results of your efforts!
Millie likes to supervise my work.
In urban communities like the Bay Area, space is a rarity… which means the vast majority of people don’t have yards or space to maintain. The good news is that even many urban areas offer solutions, such as the 38 community gardens offered by San Francisco Parks and Recreation!
There are also multitudes of ways to sign up to volunteer for regular trail and park cleanup efforts. Not only do these events promote outdoor activity, you (usually) don’t have to worry about bringing your own tools. 🙂 They’re great to work in as their schedules and yours happen to mesh. No long-term commitments required!
Here are a few resources to check out in the Bay Area:
What are some of your favorite or most satisfying ways to be active outside, whether “regular” exercise or “practical?”

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