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One Small Change to Feel Your Best

One Small Change to Feel Your Best

We’re ending the third week of February, so how are you doing with this month’s goals?
Oh yeah, those!
If you’re like my overachievers, you’re totally confident with how well you’ve been staying accountable and on track. Your nutrition is solid and you’ve been hitting your movement goals. Maybe you identify with those who are caught up with work and social expectations (or experiencing the February blues) which means your best-laid intentions and plans went sideways.
You can get on track to end the month strong. It all starts with one small change.
What’s ONE small thing you would be willing to do right now that helps you feel better about your nutrition or exercise decisions? Pick something simple but meaningful that you can track. Instead of “eating healthier” try “I will eat one piece of fruit every day.”
Let me know what you’ve chosen for your change. I’d love to hear, and help cheer you on! (My own small change is to cut out the daily chocolate/baked treats. Sigh.) Want some help figuring out what to focus on? Let’s hop on a quick call together! 🙂

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