The energy has been thriving at the studio with the 7am classes filling up. We have everywhere from the recently joined to years-long veterans of the studio and program. The backgrounds and experiences are vast: novice exercisers, performers, current and former athletes, people who last exercised back when school still required it. The diversity is beautiful to witness!
Whether “experienced” or not, it seems like most people want to apologize for not being something better. For dragging the class down because they’re struggling with something. At times they apologize for not doing enough of any particular exercise or programs, or needing things modified for their capacity.
It’s better to work progressively, with awareness, than trying to dive straight towards where we want to be. It takes learning what items you need to focus on. It means learning what things distract you. It means finding the places that are checked out, and the places that are perhaps overly active. Are you just going through the motions? (Sometimes, that’s great too, if that’s where you presently find yourself.)
Yes, it’s healthy to have things that you’d like to enrich or cultivate. An absence of growth hinders engagement, and I hope I keep my people engaged with continual goal setting and achievement. I suggest fostering appreciation and take time to learn from where you are presently. If nothing else, it’ll help you truly recognize when you accomplish your current goals. 😉
So if you’re reading this, stop and take a moment. I want you to reflect on the fact that you’re pretty awesome exactly where you are.
If there are habits or habitual thinking you feel are hindering you or keep you from feeling engaged in the present moment, send me a message. Let’s create some strategies to bring you into your body!