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2019: Fun, Fit, and Ready to FOCUS!

2019: Fun, Fit, and Ready to FOCUS!

Happy New Year!
What a treat it was to re-open the studio last week! I may have been more excited than my clients when the first session of 2019 kicked off at 7am on the 2nd. 😉 After a beautiful wedding, Egan and I headed immediately to our honeymoon in Costa Rica. I spent a total of two glorious weeks off between wedding prep and day, plus flying off immediately. I didn’t have to force myself to delight in the downtime we’d planned for through Christmas. That meant we were even more refreshed when we tackled long-dreamed activities such as zip lining across the rainforest canopy, hiking,  canyoning, and waterfall rappelling. The days we spent far away from work and responsibilities gave us the precious opportunity to reflect on what we’d done, and our aspirations for our first year of marriage! Don’t get me wrong, part of me wishes we could have spent another couple of weeks adventuring before we returned. On the other hand, 2019 holds a tremendous amount of exciting promise, and our time off gave us the chance to reconnect with our focus.
Every major change in life comes with its demands on one’s health and well-being. Frequently people find themselves with less time and energy to dedicate to their fitness, even with the pressure of maintaining a perfect weight and “eating healthy.” (That’s why well-being is one of our Four Foundations of Fitness.) I could easily let myself become overwhelmed and fall into a slump with being a coach, business owner, and co-caregiver for my in-laws. Instead, I’ve set myself personal and professional goals that can work together instead of against each other.
Here’s my top three health and fitness goals for the year, and what accomplishing them would mean.
  1. Increase my maximum deadlift to 200. My father-in-law is 92 and cannot easily stand without assistance. In case of an emergency, I’m the strongest member of the household. I want to be capable of carrying him outside to safety!
  2. Be able to do 10 consecutive pull-ups. I plan to continue conditioning for aerial training even though I’m taking a hiatus, and this will help with my aerial endurance as well as strength. Plus, it’s pretty cool to say I could do 10 pull-ups..
  3. Walk/Hike 2 consecutive hours per week. As I was preparing for the wedding and honeymoon, I did REALLY well of doing this. In fact, the real benefit wasn’t how good I felt about my body in my gown or bikini. (Don’t get me wrong, those were awesome feelings.) What I appreciated the most is how I ALWAYS was in a better mood after I got a chance to walk it out and de-stress! 

What are your top three health and fitness goals for 2019? Comment below- I’d love to know!

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