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A Season To Celebrate and Reflect

A Season To Celebrate and Reflect

We’re in the home stretch to the end of the year! Tuesday is the last day Everchange Fitness will be open for 2018, with sessions resuming at 7am on Wednesday, January 2. The regular Wednesday posts will continue, while the Friday blog will be taking a hiatus until the new year. (Keep an eye out for emails coming from “Jeri Hirvela” in 2019!)
Before anything else, I want to thank all of YOU for your presence this year! Everchange Fitness is about supporting community as life grows and changes. My deepest appreciation to you all for being part of the experience. Love and gratitude is especially extended to all of this year’s studio members and guests.
In 2018, we hiked Golden Gate Park and attended a walking tour of the Palace of Fine Arts. We held a clothing swap fundraiser benefitting Dress for Success. The pull-up progress program launched successfully, and will continue in the new year. Where 4pm was formerly our most popular time to train, trends have changed and our 7am classes are regularly filling up. Our Little Black Dress challenge returned for a tremendously successful second year… and these are only some of the most noticeable highlights. YOU ROCK!

Due to the studio closure, I wanted to make sure everyone had some handy resources for keeping active and flexible (both mentally and physically.) Rather than making you search through old emails and posts, here are this year’s top workout and stretching posts.

And because your mind is as important as your body, here are a couple of this year’s top Well-Being posts.


May these help you take some time for yourself in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I promise that I’ll strive to fully engage myself in the honeymoon adventures in order to return and be fully present for the best year of coaching yet. NO WORK! 😉 Next Friday, I’ll raise a glass to celebrate your accomplishments in 2018, and can’t wait to see what you continue to achieve.


May next year be your healthiest year ever!


Warmest wishes,

Jeri Jirsa

Studio owner/Fitness Coach/Chief Unbreaker

Everchange Fitness

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