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When You Need A Quick And Effective Workout

When You Need A Quick And Effective Workout

This time of year can mean more time commuting and even less time to workout. Keep your spirits (and your heart-rate) up with this full-body workout that can be completed in under 10 minutes!
Instructions: Warm up. Work 30 seconds, rest 15 seconds. Perform two sets of each exercise before switching. Repeat the cycle 2-4 times for a longer workout.
Star Jumps
(Level 1 variation: Lateral step out)
Begin in a legs-together half-squat with arms extended, hands around knee-height. Explode out and into extension (like a jumping jack) and back down into the starting position.
Jumping Lunges
(Level 1 variation: Quickstep split-stance)
Begin in a split stance. Lower down into a lunge. Explode up and switch feet before dropping back down (with control.)
Standing Lateral Arm Circles
Extend arms sideways from your trunk. Circle upper arms from the shoulders to create the motion as if you were stirring the head of your arm in your shoulder. (Move from the trunk without moving the trunk.)
Rotate the opposite direction for the second set.
Forearm Plank Jacks
(Level 1 variation: Single-leg tap)
Begin in a forearm plank with feet hip-width apart. Brace through shoulders and trunk as you jump your feet mat-width apart, then back to start. If you don’t feel everything working, something isn’t doing its job!
Windshield Wipers
(Level 1 variation: Bent Knees)
Lie supine with feet flat, hips and knees bent at 90 degrees, hands by hips. Feel the pressure on the back of the pelvis. Engage the abdominals. Hinge one leg at a time into tabletop position. Paint a line on the ceiling with your toes as they rock side to side whether legs are straight or bent. Use your trunk to create this motion as your bottom ribs and shoulder blades remain on the ground for upper body stability. (Move only below the belly button.) Pause in the center when the timer is complete. Hinge one leg down from the hips, maintaining a 90-degree knee angle until the foot touches the ground. Repeat on the other leg.
Which of these exercises do you love, and which ones do you find challenging? I’d love to know!

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