As a fitness coach and studio owner, I spent a lot of time creating content for my clients and the public in the form of manuals, handouts, blogs, emails, and social media. In today’s technological age, it seems like there’s an app that promises to solve all your woes, but somehow it’s frighteningly easy to have five to ten different places where you’re creating AND tracking all your content and channels.
I’d tried using an editorial calendar service called Co-Schedule from 2014-2015 and found that it held me consistently to a regular publishing schedule. After I stopped using it due to life changes, my posting schedule fell back into absolute chaos! I went back to the “method” of using multiple programs, and the years since have had inconsistent postings on my blog and social media.
Finally fed up, I decided to give Co-Schedule another try. I REALLY like the idea of having everyone in one conveniently managed location. I’m halfway through my new trial, and here are a handful of observations so far.
  • Things have become even easier to use with Co-Schedule. I can now schedule content for Facebook groups as well as pages. Having the ability to schedule up to 8 social profiles works extremely well with all of the channels I utilize regularly.
  • A huge perk is how far out I can schedule! I’m leaving for my honeymoon in December and my publishing calendar will continue unimpeded because everything is already scheduled.
  • The dashboard allows me to quickly see what tasks are coming up and the items they are related to.
  • The calendar is gorgeous, clearly highlighting filled spots and gaps. The drag and drop function may be one of my favorite features!
  • In mere moments I can schedule social media posts, create drafts of upcoming blogs, and have a visual representation of what work is planned for when. I can share MORE articles I find useful and relevant, as well as see blog topics I have scheduled for the near and distant future.
  • I can easily select which channels to share specific items.
  • Co-Schedule can automatically schedule the best time to send a post. I can select a specific time, time range, or let Co-Schedule figure it out. No more guessing!
  • The Analytics report is fantastic! It’s a shock to see where and how people are engaging with the materials. This is the cleanest one-stop source of data I’ve worked with so far. I can see what posts people are engaging with, and where I need to shift my efforts.
Conveniently select your channels and posting type.
Ensure your posts send when you want them, or when they’ll get the most engagement.
As of now, my only regret is that Co-Schedule currently doesn’t integrate with ConvertKit, which is what I use for my email campaigns. It does, however, integrate with all sorts of nifty tools that I may also try someday.
My thanks go out to Co-Schedule for continuing to grow and make it easier for solopreneurs like myself to save time and resources with our editorial calendars. This is one tool I’ll absolutely continue to use!
Don’t just take my word for it, try Co-Schedule for yourself! Use my referral link of to begin your own trial today. After you’ve explored it, share your experiences so I can hear how it helps you save time and get/stay organized!