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Studio News and Shout-Outs

Studio News and Shout-Outs

Today’s pretty smoky here in the bay area, so I’m wishing everyone a safe day indoors. Stay hydrated and avoid vigorous workouts until the air clears. Consider taking transit if you normally bike or walk. If you’d like to still do something active, it’s a great weekend to focus on flexibility. Take a yoga or pilates class, or spend some time with static stretching at home. Your body will appreciate the switch!

Little Black Dress Challenge
The 2018 Little Black Dress Challenge successfully concluded and I want to recognize the participants for making it a supportive and fun experience! My favorite part was watching everyone cheer each other on at the workouts. 🙂 After four weeks of hard work and individual obstacles, there are winners in two categories: accountability and progress. Congratulations go to Kea for her dedication in checking in and holding herself accountable! Kelly was successful in just barely edging out Kea to claim the spot for first in terms of measurable progress. Way to go to everyone for their efforts!  We’d also like to offer our thanks to Stella & Dot Consultant Tara Costello, this year’s challenge sponsor. We appreciate your support and love your gorgeous jewelry! (Check out Tara’s Stella & Dot site.)

I asked Kelly what she found helped her the most with this year’s program. She shared that she increased her daily steps, came to the studio consistently twice per week, played soccer on an additional day a week, and focused on mindful eating.

Mid-January will bring our next (all genders) 28-day program, and the tips from this year’s VIPs might help you decide if you want to join us.

[Don’t] be intimidated. Try to follow the program the best you can, but don’t quit if you can’t do everything. ~Kelly
You’ll have good and bad days. Don’t spiral because of 1 bad day, you have to brush it off and keep moving on! Prepping for the week is important. ~Kea

Pull-Up Progression
We began a pull-up progression program for studio members last April, with monthly checks occurring the first full week of every month. Kea was the first in the studio to achieve an unassisted pull up after following the program. As of this week, Clay also accomplished his first unassisted pull-up! Please congratulate him when you see him around the studio. Here’s to seeing how everyone will grow for December’s check-in.

Finish The Year Strong
Just because it’s almost the end of the year doesn’t mean it’s okay to coast! Your physical and mental health will benefit from making yourself a priority. Spend a few minutes this weekend to plan out your workouts for at least the rest of this month. That way you can adapt them as your schedules change, but you have a starting point for your own accountability. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” and in this case it’s definitely true!

In order to keep the members going strong at the studio, we’ll look at goals and strategies to finish the year feeling our best. Each week’s coaching will focus on one of the Four Foundations: Movement, Flexibility, Nutrition, and Well-Being while we proceed through the final training cycle.

Speaking of goals, my primary goal is to continue three workouts per week to keep healthy and sane before the wedding. What health or fitness goals do you plan to focus for the remainder of the year? Reply and let me know!

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