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Client Spotlight: Rebecca Pan

Client Spotlight: Rebecca Pan

Running a business is no joke, especially when you have a family that has frequent demands on your time. This Spotlight focuses on Rebecca Pan, who recently hit her one year anniversary of training at Everchange Fitness. In the past year, she’s made tremendous amounts of progress in developing awareness of her posture and form, ultimately benefitting her long-term goal to reduce daily pain. Rebecca, congratulations on your hard-earned breakthroughs. We look forward to seeing what your next year of training has in store!

Here’s a bit from Rebecca about her experiences.

Who are you?

I’m Rebecca Pan, Founder + CEO of Covo Coworking Inc. I decided to join and start working with Jeri because Everchange Fitness was convenient to Covo, and I was in pain. I’ve stayed, however, for over a year! I couldn’t be happier.


Before finding us, what was your struggle?

Before I began, I couldn’t lift my 2-year old son without pain and was dealing with constant, chronic back pain. When I was 19 I spent a lot of time in very un-ergonomic positions and rotated my pelvis. I’ve spent the last 19 years trying to rebuild my body to eliminate this pain, with very little success. In fact, I’ve made it worse with more poor ergonomics, constant screens, gaming on my mobile phone, etc.

How has joining helped you break through that challenge?

Everchange has worked hard on stabilizing my muscles and retraining my body to work the way it was intended. Not the cheats that my body kept trying to take in order to minimize pain, that just kept exacerbating the issues. This training has allowed my body to function like it’s supposed to! Jeri’s careful training and enforcement of proper posture and alignment have enormously helped retrain my body to work the way it’s built for. I didn’t have any idea I was cheating all the time, or that it was doing long-term damage.

What specific results have you seen since joining?

I am thrilled to say that after 19 years of chronic, constant pain that kept me up at night and kept deep sleep away, I now have moments of absolutely no pain, and longer moments of very little pain. I can sleep better, lift my son, and live a chaotic, crazy life without pain hampering my abilities

Who is this program for and how it can help them?

This program is for people in pain! People who’ve hurt themselves with poor ergonomics or accidents. Or for folks that want to get stronger, feel better, lose weight, and be happy with their reflection in the mirror.

What does the community feel like?

Jeri is awesome, and the clients I get to train with have all been fucking delightful. It’s fun, even when it’s torture, which is just not something I ever expected to say about exercise.

What is something you find memorable about training at Everchange Fitness?

I love Bosu battle! It is hardcore balance training but is also so much fun.

Rebecca’s coworking space, Covo, is just around the corner from the studio, and is one of Jeri’s favorite places to feel productive during the work day. Stop by and have a beverage the next time you’re in the neighborhood!

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