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A Breath of Fresh Air: A Well-Being Practice

A Breath of Fresh Air: A Well-Being Practice

Happy Friday!
To those who live in the United States, I’m thankful for you, and hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. We spent the day cooking and celebrating with family, mercifully avoiding the holiday traffic. The rain that started to come down Tuesday night washed the smoke from the air, which gave us a chance to breathe and share a sense of gratitude as we sat around our table.
I’m continually grateful for the multitudes of support and inspiration in my life. Clients, friends and family, my business mentors and peers, to name a few. In light of the fires that have wreaked havoc on my home state this year, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the first responders and their families for their boundless dedication and ceaseless sacrifice.
Life gets pretty complicated around the holidays even when they’re an exciting prospect. Whether times are tense or delightful, there’s always a good time for a breath of fresh air.
A Quick Exercise
Wherever you are, take the time to consciously breathe. Experience the scent, the sensations the breath feels as it moves through your body, in and out. See how your body feels as it continues into the next breath. Feel emotionally as well as physically. (This exercise can be as brief or long as you choose.)
It only takes a moment to stop, breathe, and check in with yourself. May this moment to breath support you through the Black Friday scores and the family struggles.
Thanks for being a part of my fitness family. You help me remember to breathe and take life one step at a time!

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