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‘Tis the Season For Illness Prevention

‘Tis the Season For Illness Prevention

I received my flu shot last week, which provoked the annual conversation of, “Should I or shouldn’t I?” There are all sorts of opinions and mandates about getting flu shots and other vaccines. Some companies require their employees to get them, even going so far as to provide them on-site. Other people maintain that they’ve never had the flu, never had a shot, and they have absolutely no intention of ever changing this.

So I’m not going to tell anyone they should or shouldn’t get a flu shot. Instead, when it comes to illness prevention, I’d like to ask you to think about your radius of influence.

Your radius of influence is the ripple of people you come in contact with every day. People that you live and work with, or maybe see at the coffee shop or restaurant down the street. Your boss, your coach, your friends. All the people tromping in and out of the gym. For the people closest to you, contemplate their daily lives and their own connections.

An elderly couple is now part of my household. They both have heart problems and otherwise fragile health. For their health alone, getting a shot is necessary. Professionally, I run a fitness studio and come into contact with a large number of people, many of whom work around large amounts of people. My radius is pretty large. To keep myself, my family, and my clients all healthy, staying on top of immunizations is a high priority. It’s the same reason I ask my clients to stay home when they’re ill. I want them to get better sooner, and I want them to keep their illnesses at home as much as they consciously can. If you feel compelled to exercise (within moderation) when you’re ill, a home workout is perfect.

One final tip for illness prevention is regularly disinfecting shared surfaces that are commonly touched, especially your household doorknobs and faucets. After you’re done with a home workout, you only need a minute to disinfect your mat and all other props as part of your cooldown routine.

With a minimal amount of effort, it’s possible to keep illnesses away from yourself and the people around you.

Forget cold and flu cures, I want to know your favorite strategies to keep them from happening at all! Comment here and let me know.

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