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Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward

This has been one heck of a week for people at the studio. We just wrapped up the third week of the Little Black Dress Challenge, and life is doing its best to get in the way of everyone! Work and an overabundance of responsibilities keep people from following their meal food plans and workout routines. It’s not uncommon to struggle with lifestyle changes, otherwise, we’d all be healthy and always feel on track!

Short-term programs and challenges can be very helpful for initiating long-term change. The initial rush you get from the excitement of something new may help you start. You feel fueled by motivation and the newness. In less time than you’d imagine that motivation manages to fade away, and so too do the habits we were just trying to cultivate. Wait, but wasn’t being motivated supposed to fix everything and get us to act? Realistically, taking action fosters motivation.

Imagine this scenario. You’re halfway through a program, have hit some stumbling blocks, and then started worrying you’ll never be able to catch up. It happens to most of us! Here’s way to make action happen and keep working towards your goals instead of eventually getting there.

  • Set realistic expectations. What are the major areas you want to work towards? What are 1-3 things you can do every day to keep working towards those goals? Don’t try to sprint a marathon. It’s likely things can be broken up into chunks that can be spread out.
  • Write down your wins/successes and areas you’d like to improve. Ideal: Once per day. Acceptable: Once per week. I do this at least once a week, before I do my check-ins with my fitness business groups.
  • Be accountable to someone else. Hopefully, you have someone on your side who knows what you’re working towards and will reach out to see where you are at. Here’s the hard part of this one: Checking in works both ways. Don’t necessarily wait for them to initiate a check in. This is where you’d share what you’ve been tracking. Yeah, you can write things down all you want. An accountability partner helps you reflect on what you have and haven’t been doing, instead of logging and forgetting.

With my attention split between the wedding, honeymoon, household, family, and my clients and business, I’ve had to identify areas in each of those that are short and long-term, necessary and things I’d just really like to have done.

Here are a few things I’m working towards until the end of the year:

  • Being active: At least 10,000 steps every day, and 2-3 trips to the dance class every week.
  • No Alcohol or pastries: Other than a few dates here and there (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my bachelorette celebrations being the primary ones of note) I’m cut off until the wedding! So far I’ve held the letter of this thanks to my challenge goals for October, but I still have a lot of work to go on the sugar overload.
  • Set up my home office.
  • Increase the number of active members at the studio by 20%.
  • Make sure the studio is poised to close well in 2018 and be ready to reopen in January ready to rock 2019.

How do I keep moving forward? By staying accountable for my actions.

  • I’m logging my activity with Fitbit and my food in MyFitnessPal.
  • I’m checking in with my business coaches regularly to make sure I’m moving my business where I want it.
  • I’m checking in with my clients, to make sure they’re getting the best training possible.
  • I’m checking in with my fiancé, to make sure he has the support he needs as we prepare for the wedding, honeymoon, and everything else in between.

Some days I feel like I didn’t get any work done at all. When I do my daily check-ins with wins and opportunities, however, it’s been a successful day to have at least one win. It could be that I didn’t drink. It could be that I wrote my blog post for the day. 😉 As long as I did one thing that moved me toward one of my goals, I’ll be left with a sense of accomplishment.

How do you stay the course?

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