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Goal Setting: Complicated Or Satisfying?

Goal Setting: Complicated Or Satisfying?

Monday is the first day of the 28 Day Little Black Dress Challenge and I’ve been contemplating my own personal goals. While the process of setting detailed and thought-out goals seems complicated, the end result is truly satisfying.

First, I had to decide what I wanted to do with myself, aside from, “preventing regular winter weight gain.”  Knowing there are daily habit checks for both food and movement throughout the challenge, I wanted goals that would reflect them both. I prefer process-oriented goals because I find them more achievable and motivational. I also love that following through with process goals lets me see a larger amount of benefits, which frequently includes body composition change. While some people may want to try and lose a certain amount of inches, pounds, or body fat percentage, I find that those wind up being unhealthy goals for myself. When creating your own goals, I encourage you to find what motivates and encourages you!

I use 4 criteria for each goal. In this case, the goals I’m listing below are for October 1-28, the actual days of the LBD Challenge.

  • Describe your Goal (be S.M.A.R.T.):
    • WHY is it so important for you to achieve this goal?
    • Three steps you are going to take to achieve your goal:
    • What is it going to feel like in 4 weeks, after you’ve achieved your goal?

Check out what I’ve come up with for myself for the 28 Day Little Black Dress Challenge.

  1. No alcohol or pastries!
    1. My largest source of excess calories easily comes from alcohol and sweets. (It’s really part of the same sweet tooth problem for me.) With the excess calories comes the excess fluffiness I want to prevent.
    2. I will keep fresh and frozen fruit (no sugar added) at the studio for guilt-free snacking. In social situations, I’ll choose water, up to 2 ginger beer, or 2 cranberry and soda mocktails instead of alcohol.
    3. In four weeks, I’ll feel much more energized and clear headed from dramatically reducing my overall sugar intake! My mood and skin will clear up noticeably.
  2. Minimum 10k steps every day.
    1. I’m REALLY active during the weekdays. Regretfully, the weekends leave me feeling pretty lazy, and I’m lucky to average 5k of steps per day. Since I’m getting ready to go to Costa Rica and hike on my honeymoon, I need to break in my hiking shoes and want build my endurance to up to 10 miles of hiking in a day. This begins working toward that goal.
    2. I will take myself for a hike every Saturday morning while Egan is at his MMA class. On Sundays, I will go out for a walk to supplement steps achieved while cleaning and doing yard work. I’ll continue my weekday levels of activity.
    3. In four weeks, my endurance and stamina will have increased, as shown through me being able to walk/hike for longer and farther. I will also be breathing easier thanks to increased lung capacity!

I also have some 90 day goals, and at least one that will take a minimum of six months to achieve. Once these are accomplished (I mentioned Costa Rica, right?) I’ll be feeling ready to think about what I want from my first 30, 90, and 180 days of married life and update my goals from there.

Hopefully, the satisfaction of setting goals you can accomplish will be more than worth the thought and energy you put into creating them. 😉

Do you prefer process or oriented outcome goals? I’m curious to know!

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