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Is the Air Quality Poor? Workout Indoors!

Is the Air Quality Poor? Workout Indoors!

My brain’s been sluggish and my energy equally dull, even with abundant water, caffeine, and good food. I’ve been sleeping pretty well. What gives?
That’s when life takes a moment to remind me that San Francisco seems to be surrounded by fires. There are active fires up and down the state, adding to the challenges caused by pollution. I’ve been so worried about the seniors I’ve been caring for that I’ve forgotten entirely how it also impacts me!
During last October’s fires, I wrote a post about when and how to moderate your exercise. Since it seems like we’ve got quite the fire year ahead, it’s smart to plan ahead.
If you don’t want to join a gym just for the summer, here’s a way you can quickly get a workout indoors without needing any special equipment.
Are you ready for it?
All you need is a chair. (Yes, a sturdy one.)
Silly you. You thought a chair was just something to rest your butt in, didn’t you? Surprisingly, a chair can be a useful prop for quite a few exercises.
After you get in a bit of a warm-up, go through some dynamic stretches. Now, it’s time for the chair. Start with step-ups and box squats. (The goal is to control yourself down and up, rather than plopping. Control!) Then move into hip raises or thrusts, and incline/decline pushups. If pushups seem like a bit much, a chair chair can be used for a wealth of plank and side plank variations. Shoulders permitting, some may opt to do tricep dips as well.
Just a few rounds of this at 30-40 seconds per exercise will get your blood flowing and combat the effects of the poor outdoor air.

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