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When You Just Need a Great Workout

When You Just Need a Great Workout

It’s time to make my signature workouts more accessible and eliminate the confusion. That’s why when you next check out the Everchange Fitness class schedule, you’ll only see two offerings.

Our bodies are confusing enough. (Annoyingly, our instruction manuals didn’t come pre-installed.) You don’t have to worry about being a specific level in order to join an Open Small Group or Upper Noe workout. Instead, each class has level-appropriate modifications and personalized customizations.

Upper Noe Boot Camp is outdoors with some use of small equipment. Workouts feature conditioning, strength endurance, balance, coordination, and active flexibility.

Open Small Group workouts are located at the Everchange Fitness studio. They rotate between strength, conditioning, technique-development, and conscious mobility routines that keep your body and progress evolving.

The Tiers
Training features three tiers: Form and Foundations, Level 1, and Level 2.
Form and Foundations gets you connected to initial body engagement and posture. Train in everyday patterns: hinge, sit, push, pull, bend and twist. Develop limb mobility and deep core stability- crucial for injury prevention. Cultivate your body’s “true neutral” alignment while preparing your body to take these movements to the next level. Connect with where your movements intiate. Average time spent in this tier is approximately 12 sessions.
Level 1 expands on Form and Foundations by increasing exercise intensity, difficulty, and weight lifted.
Level 2 incorporates single-side arm or leg movements and even more explosive movement patterns as appropriate.

Current clients will soon see their ranks in their RhinoFit profile.

Members and non-members
Subscribed members (members) will get even more out of their training memberships. They’ll be eligible for members-only fitness challenges as part of the Hero’s Club, weekly home workouts for times when making it in just can’t happen, personalized meal strategies, and nutritional guidance.

Package-based clients (non-members) will still get the same fabulous workouts and invitation to all friends and family events, but are ineligible for the subscribed member bonuses.

Thanks for helping me continue to grow and develop the culture at Everchange Fitness. YOUR changing needs are the reason we continue to evolve with you.

To your health,

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