I’ve spent the better part of the past 21 years learning how to be “healthier.” My adrenal glands were tortured not just through emotional strain. They were hit hard by taking over-the-counter supplements and drinking canned “diet” shakes as a teen and young woman. I was desperate to get my metabolism going enough to support the exercise and near starvation I was putting myself through while being continually called fat and unhealthy. These days, it takes consistent monitoring of my food and movement to make sure that I’m supporting my body properly. Sometimes, I need to sleep more than my brain feels I should. Preventing daily pain and chronic illness have become far more important than wearing small clothing.

I went to Vegas last weekend for a friend’s wedding, and came back engaged! While there, I said something to one of the bridesmaids that was truly a personal breakthrough. “At least I know I don’t have to worry about starting up a new exercise or diet plan to fit in my wedding dress.”

I’ve already been the nervous, jittery young bride, worried about how I’ll look on my “big day.” I struggled with dieting to take off the weight that had come back on following my military discharge and subsequent depression. By the time of my wedding day, I’d put on 20 pounds and had to let out the laces of my corset bodice. You know, I can still see the big, cheesy grin he had on his face at the sight of my perfectly imperfect self.

The desire to “WOW” my husband-to-be on our big day is still there, but… I’ve learned that I’ll do that whether I show up in a simple, non-white dress with more pounds than I presently have OR a full on white wedding gown while looking sculpted and tanned. Guess which one is more likely?!

This being my second wedding, I’ve discovered the difference of being comfortable in my skin. My clients know that I always have areas I’d like to improve. (Tauter skin, more defined musculature, always more strength.) The important part is… there’s nobody to impress. Not even me! I’ve spent so long working on being healthy that even if we get married in the dead of winter, my fluffiest time of the year, I’m still going to be a blushing, radiant bride.

Egan proposed knowing what I’ve looked like, emotionally and physically, when I’ve been at my worst. He’s also seen photos and videos of me at my best. He’s talked me down from anxiety attacks and held me while I’ve been a sobbing, teary mess. The man knows the range of what he’s getting into! He’s handsome, looks amazing in a suit, and no, he’s not a bodybuilding god gracing a romance book cover. When we go shopping for our wedding costumes, I won’t be worried about us trying to lose weight or worrying about weight gain. It’s only a (very lovely) costume we’ll put on briefly, then get back to our everyday lives.

Instead, I’ll continue to dedicate my fitness efforts to prevent my poor health. I want to be around to enjoy a long, healthy life together. We haven’t set a date, although it will be within the next 18 months. Before that, I have move eight in eight years this summer, as well as getting settled in with living with my elderly in-laws, experiencing another complete lifestyle change. My workouts will be my sanity points and my health boosters.

When we stand in front of our officiant, we’ll both be putting the best versions of ourselves forward. Nowhere in our vows will it say, “Whether fat or thin.” Instead, “in sickness and in health” will truly have a special meaning.

Do you have a special occasion you want to look your best for? If so, contact me so that we can not only help you accomplish your physical goals but make sure your health is fully supported as well!