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Client Spotlight: Kea Scullion

Client Spotlight: Kea Scullion

It’s important that we acknowledge the hard work and hurdles we overcome to take care of our physical and mental well-being. Making time to go the gym is a huge investment, which is why I’d like to spotlight a newer member of Everchange Fitness. Like many of us, Kea has an extremely demanding schedule. Placing a high priority on her health, she’s blown me away by consistently attending 4-5 small group workouts every week. Not only do the measurements show her progress, she’s measurably grown in strength and posture awareness.

I’ll let you hear the rest from Kea herself.

Who are you?

I’m Kea and I’ve been a member of Everchange Fitness for around 2 months now. I’m a busy grad student who needed to prioritize self-care to keep up with all the demands of school, work and life in general.


Before finding us, what was your struggle?

My 2 biggest struggles have been form and consistency. I hadn’t seen much progress in my workouts because I wasn’t doing them with proper technique and an understanding of my own body. It was also too easy for school and work to take priority over exercise.

How has joining helped you break through that challenge?

Joining Everchange Fitness has brought a sense of accountability to my exercise routine that was previously lacking. Jeri’s guidance during the classes and keen eye on form has helped me learn how my body works and experience what true progress can be.

What specific results have you seen since joining?

My back, neck and hips used to hurt frequently (for years!) because of poor posture when reading textbooks and staring at computer and phone screens all day. I had almost accepted it as normal. But Jeri and I have been working on my strength and body alignment as I’m exercising– it has made such a difference! I rarely feel discomfort in what were once consistent problem areas 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’ve also been seeing results in terms of inches, pounds and body fat % lost! Now that I am exercising regularly and safely, I have more energy and clarity to get through the never-ending to-do list.

Who is this program for and how it can help them?

Great for people who are looking for a way to achieve their fitness goals, be more consistent in their workouts, or who enjoy a positive and supportive community. Everchange Fitness can help you with self-awareness, prioritizing, goal-setting and follow-through. It’s perfect for people who might not want to go to a big group class with 15+ people in a room, because you get individualized attention here.

What does the community feel like?

Absolutely welcoming, warm, zero-judgment, supportive and knowledgeable.

What is something you find memorable about training at Everchange Fitness?

Joining the Pull-up Challenge! It’s been fun to see how the exercises I’ve been doing have been preparing me for this fun community/personal challenge.

Are you interested to know how we could help you accomplish your goals as well? Email me today for your free first class at the studio!

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