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5 Fast Exercises to Warm Up In A Hurry

5 Fast Exercises to Warm Up In A Hurry

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite exercises to help warm me up in a hurry. Whether you’re in a rush to workout and need an effective warmup or the colder temperatures have you craving warmth, this will definitely do the trick.

Check out the exercise instructions below, then watch the video and perform along. (It’s quick- only 4 minutes.) Try 2-3 sets to really get yourself going.

High Knees
Before I do anything, I need to start getting my body moving. High knees are a nice way to wake everything up.

  1. Stand upright, feet sit bone width apart. Extend your arms in front of your shoulders and brace your core.
  2. Raise your right leg into a 90-degree hip and knee angle without moving through hips or back. The foot will move forward as well as up to stay under the knee. If your feet remain below the pelvis while the knee is raised, you won’t get the full effect.
  3. Lower the knee with control and switch sides.

Repetitions: 10 per leg (20 total)

Seal Jacks
I like to make sure my body gets to move in all planes of motion so that I can break out of the usual lockup. A seal jack moves you through the sagittal (side to side) plane instead of the usual frontal (forward/back) plane. It’s great for warming up tight hip rotators and encouraging mobility at the shoulders. This is similar to a traditional jumping jack with the feet scissoring away from the midline. Instead of the arms sweeping overhead, they cross in front of your chest.

  1. Begin with your arms extended to the sides in line with your shoulders, feet 1-2’ apart. Arms will stay in the  (almost) locked position
  2. Jump your feet in to center, crossing your right foot over your left. Your hands will sweep in front of your chest to also cross right hand over your left.
  3. Jump back out, sweeping your arms back out to full extension as well.
  4. Alternate.

Repetitions: 10. Note- jumping out and back in is one full repetition.

Burpee Walkout
You can do a full-on burpee for that added oomph, but I find that the walkout variation does a great job of elevating my heart-rate and keeping my mind on form.

  1. Squat down until your hands reach the floor.
  2. Walk one leg back, then the other, until your hips are in line with your shoulders and you are in a full plank.
  3. Walk the first foot back in to your hands, then the other.
  4. Rock your weight back into the heels to stand up. Feel your upright push go through the backside of your legs.
  5. Perform 5 starting with the left foot, then 5 starting with the right foot.

Repetitions: 10. Note- you must come all the way back to standing to complete the repetition.

The windmill is well known as a kettlebell or dumbbell exercise. As a bodyweight exercise, it primes your body for forward flexion of the pelvis while encouraging small amounts of trunk rotation. Everything gets worked with this one, which is why I love it so. You get a little bit of twist, you get a great forward hinge, and your chest also gets a nice stretch.

  1. Begin with your feet parallel, 3-4 feet apart from each other. Leave your right hand dropping down in front of your right leg as if you were holding a weight. Extend the left arm overhead.
  2. Forward hinge to tilt yourself downward and sink into your right hip as you lower.
  3. Push all the way back up again to neutral, leaving your left arm extended upright. For this version, the legs should be straight without locked. If the hamstrings are tight, lightly bend the knee on the right side to deepen the hinge.
  4. Perform 5 starting with the right side, then 5 starting with the left side.

Repetitions: 5/s

Swing Hinge
A swing hinge mimics the movement of a kettlebell swing, deriving the thrust power from the hamstrings and the sit bone portion of the glutes. It’s great for the abs, too, because a belly that’s properly turned on will prevent back hyperextension when you drive yourself upright.

  1. Stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart. Extend your arms in front of your shoulders and brace your core.
  2. Hinge forward from the bottom of your hips without flexing the spine, simultaneously drawing your arms in line with your trunk.
  3. Thrust with the bottom of the hips and allow your hamstrings and glutes (sit bones)  to push you to fully stacked on your arches, arms extended. Your adductors (inner thighs) also may feel something if they are helping stabilize your feet and knees.
  4. Repeat.

Repetitions: 10-20

Did this help you warm up? What was your favorite exercise? What was your least favorite? I’m curious to know!

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