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My Schedule Definitely Doesn’t Look Like Yours

My Schedule Definitely Doesn’t Look Like Yours

Have you ever felt like “prescribed” fitness plans are designed to help you fail? While you can logically appreciate what they’re teaching, it doesn’t quite work with your own schedule.

In my case, meal prepping is my MAJOR oddball! You see, many nutrition plans espouse the benefits of going shopping for groceries on Saturday or Sunday, then spending hours afterward prepping food for several days of the week.

Guess what… that DOESN’T work for me! Friday and Saturdays tend to be date nights and family day. We then get to enjoy ourselves until he has his Sunday obligations.

So when am I supposed to cook? Sunday afternoon? That’s not necessarily fair for me because that’s my first “ME” time in days!

This is where I’ve learned.. my schedule is most certainly not like yours!

As long as I have groceries, Tuesdays seem to be my ideal day to do meal prep! I have no idea why this is, other than the fact that I have no clients from the early morning until late afternoon. This means that I have an abundant amount of time to cook, clean, and do those other things that are generally ignored!

Take this Tuesday. I had broccoli, a kabocha pumpkin, and three daikon radish I bought the prior Wednesday at the Civic Center Farmer’s Market. They were showing signs they really needed to be prepared, and I wasn’t going to let produce go to waste.

When my first session was done at 8am, I went to Trader Joe’s to stock up on some essential groceries. (A bag of mandarin oranges for fruit, shallots, baby spinach, and most important… eggs!) I came home and prepared a spinach and shallot scramble with a hash brown patty as my starchy side. I let the oven pre-heat while I ate breakfast… The produce still wasn’t going anywhere!

Two hours later, I’d roasted the squash and the broccoli. Meanwhile, I sliced the rest of the daikon to “pickle” it as well. A bit of all of those, mixed with rice, has provided me with several days of delicious and healthy rice bowls as my lunches. (For extra flavor, prepare your rice with broth like I did.)

Even with all of this, I was “free” from the kitchen prep and cleanup by noon, able to work on other tasks that demanded my attention.

The point of this is that Tuesday is my kitchen day. Maybe your kitchen time is Thursday night. The key is learning what is workable and sustainable for you. Don’t feel like you’ve failed because you couldn’t go to the grocery store or prepare food when someone else says you should. Your schedule can work for you instead of against!

Do you know when the best time/days for your kitchen time is? I’d love to know!

To your health,

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