Good morning!

I wanted to start today off by making sure everyone knows: Y’all are invited! The Everchange Family will be hosting a Friends and Family Hike in Golden Gate Park this Sunday at 10am. We will meet at the Conservatory of Flowers. (Look for Jeri wearing her purple leggings.) We’ll even be joined by at least one four-legged friend!

I admit… I LOVE hosting group events like hikes and dinners. (It’s also why I’m at work planning the Everchange Fitness anniversary happy hour, even though it’s a month away!)

I also really love to learn. I complete at least one new program each year to keep my skills sharp and continue to engage in new materials. A couple of years ago, I invested in NASM’s Corrective Exercise Specialist (injury prevention and correction) and Performance Enhancement Specialist (sports performance) programs.

Last spring, I completed the CES material. I totally loved it! There was information that applied to everyone walking in through my door. The PES material, however?


Keep in mind that the PES course is absolutely the high level of education that I’ve come to expect from NASM. Regretfully, the more I started studying, the more I realized it wasn’t in line with the kind of work I do.

Ultimately, I took a year extension on the test. I have until the end of this June to complete the course and take my exam.

My book was dusted off a couple of weeks ago, and I dutifully re-read the first couple of chapters. But it didn’t fill me with the excitement I get from learning.

I’d originally purchased the course because of a requirement for an overall specialty that said I had to take that class for eligibility.

I’ve realized that I can best serve my clients (and myself) by directing some of my learning energy to food! I’d loved to be more qualified to have discussions about one of my very favorite subjects. That overall specialty was much less important.

I had to make a choice. The continuing education course I’d purchased, which doesn’t serve any of my clients, that feels like it’s looming over me? Or the fitness nutrition specialization I’ve been longing to participate in for two years?

I seized my opportunity yesterday morning! Timing was right, and I took advantage of one of those offers I’d have been silly to pass up.

Despite the fact that my PES materials expire at the end of June and I will successfully pass that test in time, I need to take something I want to take, versus something I feel obligated to go through.

My mood’s improved. I’ve completed the first three modules, passed the first two quizzes. I’m excited to learn again.

Meanwhile, I can begin my overview of the techniques in the other material. Engaging in what I love allows me to take on a different perspective to the commitments I’ve made.

Want to know more about topics like portion size or whether frozen/canned produce is good for you? Lets have a conversation!