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Are You Proactive or Reactive?

Are You Proactive or Reactive?

Let’s talk the difference between proactive and reactive.

The proactive exerciser tends to have their workout bag packed early, ready to grab before they head out the door.

The reactive exerciser knows that exercise and stretching are important, but despite waking up that morning with plans to exercise or stretch that night, bedtime rolls around with no follow-through. Somehow, the day just got away from them! This can also be said for a meditation practice… ahem! Frequently, this is also how we are when we work.

Reactive mindset lets life happen and is sometimes productive. Proactive mindset takes control of focused time, and consistently produces results. It’s the difference between being caught in every day “busy-ness” and taking active steps regularly towards the results you desire.

Are you struggling with reactive tendencies and want to switch to a proactive behavior, send me a quick email. Together, we will talk about systematic plans and accountability for making that switch.

Or do you have a proactive mindset? What are some proactive strategies that you feel are helpful? These answers will be compiled and (anonymously) shared in a future email to give ideas to people with reactive mindsets.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and tips!

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