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Month: January 2018

Are You Proactive or Reactive?

Let’s talk the difference between proactive and reactive. The proactive exerciser tends to have their workout bag packed early, ready to grab before they head out the door. The reactive exerciser knows that exercise and stretching are important, but despite waking up that morning with plans to exercise or stretch that night, bedtime rolls around…
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Take a Stretch Break

With everything that builds up on those lists of “to-do’s” there are always more than a few things that wind up slipping through the cracks. Stretching regretfully tends to be at the top of our list! While blocking off time for flexibility work is great, getting in something is better than nothing! Here are a handful…
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Treat Yourself As Someone You LIKE

It’s been pretty busy at the studio, and it’s as if I’ve been trying to compress everything I didn’t accomplish in the past few weeks… All into this single week. I’ve needed to be careful to mix in self-care (in the form of talking walks and meditating) with nutritious food and social time to prevent…
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Clean & Lean Recipes

Really, the whole point of this post is to share with you a bunch of recipes, but I first wanted to share with you a bit about how eating whole foods helped change my life. When my ex-husband and I were overweight and struggling to lose the pounds pasta and inactivity had brought on, there was…
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