This week has been non-stop work (and activity) after my return from Louisville! After my workshop ended Friday, I took myself for a sunset walk. There’s this gorgeous walking bridge called the Big Four Bridge which spans the Ohio River from Louisville into Jacksonville, Indiana. At only 2 miles roundtrip for the bridge portion, it was well worth braving the cold.

Facing Indiana. Driving bridge on the left, Big Four Bridge on the right.

The bridges lit for the night.

Let’s talk about movement and food.

Unless I get about five miles of walking in a day, I feel like I’ve been pretty lazy. In fact, it’s a weird kind of lazy that usually keeps me from sleeping well that night. It’s why I was so insistent on taking myself for a walk in 30-degree weather! Despite working out that morning, I felt the lack of activity.

It hasn’t always been that way. As a child I usually did at least a couple of miles of walking a day, but after I graduated from college and married that slipped away. Between cold temperatures and allergies, being out in nature was no fun! On the other hand, being in a gym where I was stuck on a machine was equally unappealing. My decision to move to San Francisco was encouraged by the environment that promotes active lifestyles.

When I struggled with my second major round of adult weight loss, I set myself an intention that I would do something healthy and active for myself every day. Whether it be a plank, a handful of squats, a walk or more, daily activity was mandatory.

I’m not 100% compliant with this, more between 80-90%. It’s pretty well-embedded into my life as a regular habit, and it took years to get there. Since I can be honest with myself that lack of exercise isn’t my fitness problem, it’s time to really address my love of food.

I’ve been spending a lot of work with my clients with food and nutrition this fall, and how I can support them with their own healthy eating habits. Exercise is important, but our bodies still need proper fuel! If we wouldn’t put bottom of the line gasoline in our cars, it makes sense we’d want to learn how to treat our bodies like the high-performance machines we are.

Y’all have heard about my business coaches and mastermind group. Thanks to them, I have a network of nutritionists and dietary specialists as well as fitness business owners. My 2018 continuing education focus will be on food and nutrition in order to bring the best of that information to you. For now, those fabulous nutrition people I’m working with provided me with some nutrition programs (and challenges) to incorporate with all of you.

My goal is to make 2018 my healthiest year yet. While being bikini-model ready is nowhere near my goal, breaking the cycles of binge eating will let me be accountable to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Are you ready to get your eating on track? Let me know if you’d like to be kept in the loop about the Clean & Lean Jumpstart beginning in January.

To your health!