Three Conscious Breaths

With all the rushing happening around us, it’s easy to become unexpectedly carried away by the hubbub. One of my favorite techniques to bring myself “back” is a very simple exercise. In fact, I invite you to try it after you read the exercise! Stop right where you are. Don’t worry about finding a special […]

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Food Matters

This week has been non-stop work (and activity) after my return from Louisville! After my workshop ended Friday, I took myself for a sunset walk. There’s this gorgeous walking bridge called the Big Four Bridge which spans the Ohio River from Louisville into Jacksonville, Indiana. At only 2 miles roundtrip for the bridge portion, it was well worth braving […]

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Unplug and Have a Conversation

Have you recovered from Thanksgiving? ? Ours was naturally filled with delicious food but was also eye-opening! Egan (my partner) and I spent the morning cooking before feasting with his family. Everyone was on great behavior (including that one family member) and better yet… nobody was on their cell phones! We looked each other in the eye […]

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