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Month: November 2017

Are You A Food Opportunist?

Food and I have a special relationship. It nourishes me and makes me happy. Eating certain foods evoke nostalgic memories. A buffet or potluck is a great excuse to “try a little of everything.” A friend once described himself as a food opportunist. I couldn’t agree quickly enough. Put food in front of me, and…
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Habits, Priorities, And Keeping Flexible

Happy Friday! Before we get started, check out these awesome photos from last Sunday, when the ladies of the 28 Day Little Black Dress Challenge met up for a hike. Nothing like stairs first thing! We began at Land’s End and made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge- a trip that spanned five miles in…
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Planning For Success

Just like that, we find ourselves in November. Here’s some of what’s currently in progress. ~I’ve been doing a lot of planning for 2018. Challenges and activities at the studio, a bit of travel both for work and pleasure. This week brought home that we still have the better part of two months left to…
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