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Month: May 2016

How To Get Everything Right When Exercising

“There is just so much to think of, I can’t keep it all straight!” Knowing I’m demanding when it comes to form, my clients lament how challenging it is to remember to get everything “right” while we work together. I reassure them that they aren’t doing anything wrong. We are working with their body’s way…
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My Challenge To Find Satisfaction In Movement

I hit the point where it was easier to motivate my clients than myself. I was aimless, looking for something to latch onto. While I still looked lean, the muscle tone I love seeing on myself was no longer there. Cycling, an activity I adore, became a chore thanks to some of my volunteer work.…
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Adding Strength To The Summer Body

Everywhere I go I’m bombarded by the concept of “The Summer Body” as defined through marketing. Ask the average person what a “summer body” means to them and they begin to parrot what areas of their bodies will be exposed by shorts and swimsuits. Instead of a summer body being defined by an ego-busting media campaign,…
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