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Month: April 2016

Baked Pineapple and Sweet Potato

Satisfyingly Sweet Side: Baked Pineapple and Sweet Potato

The news is getting out about the studio and I find myself even busier than anticipated! This is great, except it means that I have less time to grocery shop and prepare food. I have my ideal schedule set… Life frequently has its own opinion of my schedules. My Sunbasket delivery come on Tuesdays, farmer’s market…
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Everchange Fitness Is Open For Business

It’s an active practice to keep my perfectionist brain calmed at the moment. There’s always something that needs to be done. On the other hand… I LOVE OUR NEW STUDIO. Yesterday’s 11 am Restorative Fitness workout was the first class open to the public at Everchange Fitness. Truth be told, it was a magical moment. My…
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Mind Your Movement: You Love Yoga, I Crave Pilates

Time for me to get a fitness peeve off my chest. It seems like there isn’t a day that goes by lately that I’m not hearing about the “newest” Yoga method. Many people who haven’t met me before look at me wide-eyed and eager after finding out I’m a personal trainer ask, “Do you teach Yoga?”…
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A studio in progress.

How To Avoid Breaking Yourself When Moving

Last week I turned moving into an extreme sport, moving both apartment AND fitness studio between client sessions. To clarify, I moved a full bedroom with fairly equipped kitchen to a new place, while separating my personal fitness items from home and prior studio to the new space. I also bought a significant amount of…
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